Pro-Aquaz Branded Charlie McLeod Eco Sports Cloak Change Robes

Pro-Aquaz Branded Charlie McLeod Eco Sports Cloak Change Robes – options are long or short sleeved, Navy, Burgundy, Turquoise & Purple – Kids sizes also available

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Pro-Aquaz Branded Charlie McLeod Sports Cloak Change Robes.

Charlie McLeod’s Eco Sports Cloak is produced from recycled PET plastic. The plastic is chipped to a fibre that is then transformed into a yarn and ultimately the fabric to produce the inner and outer elements of the Change Robe. Approximately 110 recycled plastic bottles are used to produce one Eco Sports Cloak.

Rightly, as consumers, we are paying more attention to how our purchases are produced, and to the footprint they leave behind. In recycling the PET plastic we are taking a small step to clean our environment and finding a use for this otherwise unwanted material.

The Charlie McLeod Unisex Eco Sports Cloak offers a tough outer fabric, with a thick Sherpa fleece lining. All Eco Change Robes come with a CMc Dry Bag to transport your Cloak and any additional kit. Inside the Change Robe are a number of zipped pockets including a mesh goggle pocket. Charlie McLeod branding can be found on the left breast and back. It’s the small details that set the Eco Sports Cloak aside from the competition. We’ve added extra-long zip pulls for cold fingers and V vented side seams for ease of movement. Apres sport just got easy… CMc