Universal Products

The ACS Universal earplug range Pacato’s combines high quality with convenience. These off-the-shelf products can be used straight from the pack,

The Pacato 16/19/Impulse have filters manufactured to the same quality standards as the custom range so you can be sure you are still getting a high fidelity hearing protector.

NEW FOR 2020 – The ACS PRO-Fit offers complete versatility as well as incredible sound. One of the smallest, lightest earphones on the market providing the highest levels of sound quality and isolation.

The PRO-Fit single balanced armature driver gives remarkable high-fidelity accuracy with smooth bass and sparkling high frequency response. It’s ready to use straight from the box and comes with its own soft carry-case and a selection of interchangeable earbud tips that can be used to get the best fit for your ear.

PLUS! The other unique advantage is that the PRO-Fit earphones can be easily retro fitted to any ACS PRO Series custom earplugs to instantly convert into a pair of custom fit in-ear-monitors.