Is Believing

providing protection
from water and wind

Ear plugs that let sound in & keep the water out

Our state-of-the-art PRO-AQUAZ ear plugs are custom moulded to your ears for maximum fit and comfort. 

They’re suitable for all watersports and help prevent the onset of Surfers Ear (Exostosis) & Swimmers Ear (otitis externa)

Pro-Aquaz Ear Plugs protect your ears from the elements whilst retaining maximum hearing ability. The ultimate Watersports Ear Protection.

  • Custom Moulded for the perfect fit
  • Manufactured in the UK from medical grade silicon
  • Helps protect your ears from the elements
  • Includes detachable cord to keep them safe
  • Cost of Impressions is included in the price
    *via one of our partners using our E-Voucher*
  • Location for impression takers all around the UK.
  • Its easy to make an appointment for your impressions just email us at info@pro-aquaz.com
    or call us on 01392 231051



Have tried many types of ear plugs from NHS moulded to white tack.  None come close to the Pro-Aquaz in terms of comfort and performance.  They are so comfortable that I had to keep checking they were still in.  The other big comfort factor is the lack of pressure build up when pushing them in or diving deep.  My left ear suffers with inner ear pain when pressure builds up, but I had none of that even when pushed deep under by a big set.  I assume this is due to the membrane, which was also responsible for reducing my pet hate when wearing ear plugs the fact that you cannot hear! 

It allowed you to still converse and I felt like my balance and awareness were improved. When surfing no water got in. After many surfs and several swims I am keen to get in and try them further!

A very happy Gooders!!