Let’s Compare

To help you decide which ACS in-ear monitor is right for you please see the comparison guide below.

First big question – do you need ambient monitoring for live performance now or possibly in the future? If so, then you will want to check out the Live Series.
If you do not require ambient monitoring but you want in-ear monitors for live performance, studio work, or just listening to your mix or your favourite music then take a look at the Studio Series.

Studio Series

The Studio Series in-ear monitors are all about the high fidelity listening experience and user comfort. Perfect for studio, live and personal use where ambient monitoring is not required.

With the Studio Series you benefit from the premium sound and discreet looks that comes with the highly regarded Linum BaX cable, as well as the option to upgrade to the SuperBaX or balanced versions of this cable.

Due to the smaller components of the connection system and the redesigned crossover board you also benefit from a lower profile mould compared to the Live Series.

Evoke Studio

Excellent wallet friendly introduction to the world of custom in-ear monitors. Features patented technology to make the most out of the single wideband driver. High fidelity sound at an entry-level price.

Recommended for music at home or on the go, great when commuting to work or to wear on the plane when off on your holidays.

Live Ready No. Of Drivers Cable Type
1 Cable Lunum BaX

Evolve Studio

Reference quality audio, delivered by 3 precisely tuned drivers. Sound signature is fairly flat across the range without sounding analytical. Unrivalled detail and clarity and a present but not overwhelming bass response really allows you to hear your music like the artist intended.

Recommended equally for the recording studio or on stage where reference quality is needed, or just for listening to music wherever you are.

Live Ready No. Of Drivers Cable Type
3 Cable Lunum BaX

Encore Studio

Our flagship IEM features 5 drivers and a 3 way crossover. Warm, wide sound signature with deep punchy bass, detailed balanced mids complimented by smooth highs with plenty of extension.

Recommended for studio recording and performing artists who do not requrie the Live function. Also a fantastic IEM for serious audiophiles who desire a dynamic sound which really brings your music to life.

Live Ready No. Of Drivers Cable Type
5 Cable Lunum BaX

Live Series

The Live Series in-ear monitors all feature a pair of built-in precision microphones which, when activated by our Ambient Live Pack (sold separately), allows surrounding ambient sounds to be added on top of the mix.

This technology solves the huge issue of feeling isolated from the audience and the rest of the band while performing with traditional IEM’s. Sometimes this results in the wearer removing one earpiece which can easily lead to hearing damage.

Each Live Series IEM is Live Ready with the microphones built in and is fitted with a stereo cable so they can be used as standard in ear monitors without the Live function.

Evoke Live

Ideal for starting musicians, personal listening and broadcast, the overall sound signature is fairly flat and detailed with good low end response from a single driver. Great for music and comms.

Recommended for general listening, musicians requiring a minimal mix, broadcasting and bands that are looking for a budget friendly upgrade from standard earphones

Live Ready No. Of Drivers Cable Type
1 Cable Live Stereo

Evolve Live

Great all round monitor, the sound signature is quite flat (reference) across the frequency range, gives good amount of well-defined bass, accurate mids and clear highs.

Recommended for for performing musicians, mix engineers, front of house / studio engineers and vocalists who are looking for a broader sound that is well balanced.

Live Ready No. Of Drivers Cable Type
3 Cable Live Stereo

Encore Live

Our flagship IEM features 5 drivers and a 3 way crossover Warm sound signature with deep punchy bass, fairly flat but not recessed mids with a gradual rise in the high frequencies where needed and greater extension.

Recommended for session musicians, dj’s, electronic producers, bass players and anyone who needs a dynamic sounding IEM with deep bass and extended highs.

Live Ready No. Of Drivers Cable Type
5 Cable Live Stereo