Rev 33 Truesound™

Rev33 delivers unsurpassed audio clarity to your in-ear monitors.

Hearwarmer, fuller tones with more precise sound in your live mix and dramatically reduce ear-fatique.

Rev33 works with the magnetics of your in-ear drivers to control unwanted noise and distortion.

Just plug the Rev33 in between your earphones and the receiver pack and only the true sound of your music will pass through.


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REV33 with True Sound™ is a revolutionary audio technology developed to reduce musician’s ear fatigue by decreasing noise and distortion generated by the drivers in earbuds, in-ear monitors and headphones for in-studio and live-music professionals. This clever technology enhances the clarity in what you hear in recorded music, in studio tracking and mixing, and in your live monitor mix.

If you have had issues with ear fatigue, then the REV33 will be able to help.

Signs of ear fatigue can include the following

  • Headaches
  • Ringing, buzzing
  • Hard to have normal conversation after a show
  • Changing mix frequently through a show
  • Increasing mix volume through a show
  • Mix becoming muddy through a show

Because each REV33 model is electrically tuned to the specific drivers in your earbuds, IEMS and headphones you can be sure that your version of the REV33 will perform as expected.

  • The REV33 reduces distortion by reducing the sensitivity of the amplifier to the dynamic impedance of the drivers.
  • The REV33 also reduces microphonics which couples into your drivers and changes the music signal
  • The REV33 reduces ultrasonic and spurious noise found in portable music players and wireless receiver packs.