Live! Ambient Processor

Live! Ambient Processor

Our Live! series in-ear monitors give you the best of both worlds – High-fidelity sound quality with a bespoke and comfortable fit, plus the ability to actively hear your ambient surroundings at a level you can control.
Made for your ears only, our soft medical-grade silicone ear moulds create a perfect and comfortable fit. This combined with state-of-the-art balanced armature speakers, patent-pending technology and our own proprietary crossovers ensure you are hearing the music as it was intended to be heard.NOTE: ACS Live! Series in-ear monitors require the ACS Live! Ambient Processor to activate and control the built-in stereo microphones.NOTE: To manufacture your custom-made, bespoke fitting IEMs we require impressions of your ears. Our ear impression service is available throughout the UK and is provided free of charge with your purchase.

Please be aware we do not recommend the Live! Series In-Ear Monitors and the Live! Ambient Processor for use whilst drumming.


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The ACS Live! Ambient Processor brings your Live! monitors to life. Once connected the live ambient microphones are activated and the ability to hear is restored and the feeling of being isolated completely removed.

This truly is a game changing product for on-stage performers.

When In-ear monitoring (IEM) was first introduced it really was a ‘game changer’. Instead of standing in front of wedge speakers, artists had total freedom to move around the stage and receive a much more individual and detailed mix. To keep sound levels at the ear low, it was necessary to provide good isolation to avoid competitive monitoring from the ambient on stage sound. ACS worked with Garwood Communications, the first to market with IEM, to develop custom moulded soft silicone earphones that delivered fantastic audio at the lowest levels. The high level of isolation from these innovative earphones is arguably one of the best features of custom IEM’s but it is also its greatest flaw. How often do you see a performing musician with one ear piece dangling down from their ear, or removing and replacing them during their performance?

This practice has been adopted because while wearing the IEM’s they cannot hear the audience or other band members, this can often leave them feeling detached and isolated from their surroundings. In extreme cases, this practice can lead to very serious hearing damage in the unprotected ear and in turn can negatively impact on the quality of their performance. With our Live Ambient Processor we have completely overcome this issue and once again are introducing a game changing product into the industry.

Product Features
    • Brings ambient sounds into your mix
    • Full stereo image
    • Ultra low latency due to intelligent DSP design
    • Analogue bypass for Line-In
    • Solidly built aluminium housing with a strong belt clip
    • High contrast LED back-lit display
    • Long battery life
    • PAD feature for additional protection in loud environments
    • A.L.C- Automatic Level Control for rehearsal or sound checking
    • Simple user friendly layout – just turn on (no additional software or set-up required)

*In ear monitors sold separately

Accessories Included
  • A Personalised Peli Storage Case
  • Leather Ambient Processor Cover
  • 10 Pin Ambient Processor Cable
  • Patch Lead
  • Ambient Processor Adaptor Cable
  • Care and Usage Instructions